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Briggs Auto Direct is an on-line sale sponsored by This is an on-line sale where both consumers and dealers have an opportunity to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices.

Every day, vehicles are traded in to the Briggs Automotive Group when Briggs customers purchase new vehicles from our car lots. However, only a small percentage of those trade-in vehicles make it back on our retail lots to be sold. These vehicles are typically lower priced vehicles that may not have met our demanding standards that we require for our retail car lots. Most of these vehicles are still great vehicles. The advantage of Briggs Auto Direct is that you get 100% disclosure.

Vehicles for purchase on this sale have been through the same 120 point inspection that our retail vehicles go through. These vehicles, although not repaired, will still have the results of the vehicle inspection disclosed to you. In addition to a mechanical inspection, we also provide a cosmetic inspection, with detailed photos of all the imperfections. These vehicles are also available to view in person during Briggs' normal business hours.

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